Tuesday 10th July: Point Samson to DeGrey River

Our first stop today was the historical town of Cossack; the remaining structures were all built using stone and timber and these days are used for a Café, the artist-in-residence, budget accommodation and the caretaker’s office and living quarters.  The caretaker, Russell Heaton, used to work on the gas pipeline with Derick (small world) so they caught up with each other news while I visited the old courthouse which is now used as a museum, live theatre and for wedding ceremonies.  William Shakespeare Hall who’s family built Halls Cottage in Halls Head, was born in Cossack grew up there and moved his family south after the devastating cyclone around 1898.  Some trivia for us Mandurahites, Halls Head is closely linked to the town of Cossack.

Continuing our trek north we saw many of the mauve and purple Mulla Mulla plants, Sturt Desert Pea and 2 types of Wattle (Pencil Wattle and Pom Pom Wattle). We stopped at the Pewah River for lunch, then around the middle of the afternoon we heard over the CB that an over width load was heading south, so Derick found a safe place to pull off to the side of the road to wait for the convoy consisting of a Police pilot, regular pilot, 2 3- trailer low loaders and a rear pilot to slowly pass by.

We reached the DeGrey River Camp site about 3.30pm to find it was almost full of free campers (50 caravans, campervans, tents and motorhomes),  Derick found a reasonable suitable site in amongst the trees, which was fine but the sticky seed burs were soon al through the van and  the sand mites dreadful.  Fortunately we were carrying some of ‘The Locals” natural sand-fly and mozzie spray (eucalyptus oil and lavender oil) which soon sorted the ‘little suckers’ out.


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