Monday 16th July: Mary Pool to Dunham River

The scenery today was quite different as we drove through the majestic O’Donnell Ranges, on the flats we saw quite a few herds of horses – not sure if they were wild, but as there is very few fences in the area are guessing that they were.

There were also some fairly major grass fires around the mountains.  Derick refuelled in Halls Creek and we stopped on the side of the road for lunch.  Dunham River camp site was a nice spot, the camp site is a fair way from the river so we just picked a site under a tree to shade the van.  Met up with some fellow travellers from South Australia and Mildura; the couple form Mildura Brendon and Jill were travelling the Gibb River Road where a rock damaged the boot covering for the CV joint on the car.  They bought the replacement part in Derby but no-one there would fix it for them so they were heading to Kununurra where it had been booked in to bet fixed.  We shared a camp fire with them swapping stories and laughs and then bumped into the a few times in Kununurra.


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