Wednesday 25th to Thursday 26th July: Leliyn-Edith Falls to Batchelor and Litchfield National Park

The drive from Leliyn-Edith Falls to Batchelor was quite picturesque; surrounded by Mountain Ranges and Ant Hills.  We stopped at Adelaide River for their markets, all 7 seven stalls were reasonably priced and consisted of local honey, zebra rock figurines, glass coasters etc, and local arts and craft.   We also had morning tea during which the Ghan passed through the town, what a loooonnnnng train!

Arriving at the Batchelor Resort, we checked in, set up camp and familiarised ourselves with the layout of the park.  Twice a day the resort has a feed time  the local birds which consisted of White Corella’s, multi-coloured small Parrots, small Kingfishers, Doves and some Red Tailed Black Cockatoos.  Not many birds turned up the night we went to the feeding spot, but I have some photos of the White Corella’s, multi-coloured small Parrots.

Thursday the cloud came in and with it the humidity, aaagh!  We spent the day in Litchfield National Park, visiting the Magnetic Termite Mounds, Cathedral Termite Mounds, Buley Rockhole, Florence Falls and Wangi Falls.

Buley Rockhole is quite flat compared with other falls, but beautiful, cool and inviting just the same.

Florence Falls is a spectacular waterfall located in a very deep gorge.  After taking into account the humidity and our hikes of the past couple days we decided to go straight to the viewing platform from where we could appreciate the rock formations, the waterfall as well as take some photos. 🙂

Wangi Falls is the main swimming area; the falls not as high or spectacular as Florence Falls, but has a much larger plunge pool which we shared with turtles, freshwater crocodiles, and a variety of fish.  The freshwater crocodile we did see was about 1 ½ metres and didn’t seem too bothered by the humans.  The bush to one side of the Wangi Falls was filled with bats hanging high in the trees, every now and then opening their wings to fan themselves in the afternoon humidity.


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