24th September to 27th September: Dubbo

Leonie and Laurie text this morning, they had a change of plan and would be meeting us in Dubbo, staying at the same caravan park, wonderful news :).  We took our time leaving Toorawenah as the drive to Dubbo was just a couple of hours.  The biggest town we passed through was Gilgandra, flowering wattle still lining the road side as well as wheat, sheep and cattle pastures.  On arriving in Dubbo we booked into the Dubbo City Caravan Park, set up camp and then went to acquaint ourselves with the town.  Derick found where the car was to be serviced, and double checked they had his booking correct.  Then it was back home to wash and clean the van, it had been a while and was pretty grotty.

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21st September – 23rd September: Ellenborough, Woolbrook and Toorawenah (free camping to Dubbo)

We said our goodbyes to Leonie and Laurie; we were heading inland to Dubbo, while they were continuing their journey along the coast and we had plans to meet up again further down the track.  We departed Nambucca Heads in light drizzle encountering road works about 1 kilometre out of town.  We passed through the towns of Macksville and Clybucca; a group of touring vintage cars towing their vintage camper trailers were travelling in the opposite direction, we laughed at how quaint they looked against all the modern campers and caravans.

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19th September to 20th September: Yamba to Nambucca Heads

Laure and Leonie and Derick and I had decided to stay a Nambucca Heads a couple of days together and then move on and meet up somewhere else.

As we were driving out of the caravan park at Yamba, Lee, Laurie, Ali and Bob lined the sides of the road giving us a royal salute (our beautiful moment for the day).  The journey from Yamba to Grafton was sprinkled with sugar cane plantations, road works, deep wide rivers and their tributaries – a lot of water.  Derick’s intention was to refuel in Grafton but as we parked by the bowser one of the staff informed us that they had no power and had no idea when it would be restored.  The story goes that the town had a phase outage?!  While deciding what to do, Derick spoke with one of the locals who said there was another Coles Express on the Pacific Highway about 20 kilometres out of town, so off we went.  When we arrived they too were caught up in the power outage, damn – we were out of fuel!  Fortunately we were only there about 10 minutes when the power was restored and then waited another 15 minutes for the pumps to be usable, apparently it takes about that long for the bowsers to pressurise and bring the fuel back up-something like that I am not sure that I have correctly described the process ??!!  While we were caught up in the power outage Lee and Laurie passed us and headed on into Nambucca Heads.

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9th September – 11th September: Cruice Park, Nobby Town Park and Mallanganee Oval (Free camping to Yamba)

Leaving Woodgate we headed south to the Sunshine Coast via Childers, Maryborough, and Gympie where our surroundings were mainly sugar cane plantations and road works.  We turned left off the Bruce Highway at Cooroy, and headed for Noosa Heads then hugged the coast through Coolum Beach, Maroochydore, Mooloolaba and Caloundra.  I am not sure what either of us was expecting but by the time we reached Caloundra, and even though the scenery was lovely, amazing homes, hotels, tourist parks and shops we had had enough of suburbia and the associated traffic and decided to head back inland.  Consulting the Camps 5 Bible, we found a couple of places which looked OK for the night, Jowara Park on the Glass House Mountains Road and Cruice Park, between Kilcoy and Beerwah.  Jowara Park was a very small camp site and pretty much full by the time we arrived which was about 4pm.  We pushed on to Cruice Park, which was a much larger site, with about 4 or 5 campers already set up, so we found a spot and set up camp for the night.   Continue reading

7th September – 8th September: Calliope River to Woodgate Beach

Our journey from Calliope River to Woodgate Beach include, still more road works, mango farms, cattle and good old Australian bush.  Around Gingin and Bingera was sugar cane country, quite a few road warning signs to look out for  Koalas and sheep, while we didn’t see any Koalas, there was a lot of sheep but in the paddocks.

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