12th September to 18th September: Yamba

Derick and I had arranged to meet my cousin (on Mum’s side) in Yamba where we had all booked in to the Yamba Waters Holiday Park for a week.  Our first long break since leaving home!  Lee and Laurie are travelling with 5 other friends from their home town in Romsey and have been on the road for about a month.

Our journey from Mallanganee to Yamba took us through the Richmond Ranges, where the scenery consisted of horse studs and cattle farms, the town of Casino with their horse studs, cereal crops and would you believe it, sugar cane plantations.  It was about then that we noticed the number of lakes and dams increased and that they were full to the brim.  Next was Coraki, a small town that sits on the confluence of the Richmond and Wilson Rivers in northern New South Wales, in the Richmond Valley Shire. Coraki grows sugarcane and also tea tree for tea tree oil as an antiseptic for natural therapies.  We continued on through Woodburn to the Pacific Highway, which although only two lanes has barrier fencing down the centre of the road.  The only breaks in this fencing where a right turn or U-turn is permitted.  Yamba is situated on the southern shores of the Clarence River mouth, with the town of Iluka located on the northern shore.

On our way into the camp site we stopped by Lee and Loz’s site, but they were out and about.  So we set up camp and then let them know we had arrived for when they returned to the camp.  Our first night here we went to the golf club for dinner, which was a great opportunity to meet everyone while enjoying the food, alcohol and surroundings.  All the clubs have the ‘pokies’ which we are not used to but help to provide very reasonably priced meals and drinks.  I enjoyed a lamb shank with vegetables and Derick chicken schnitzel with salad.

Next day was Leonie’s birthday; we caught the Iluka-Yamba Ferry across the river mouth to Iluka, we were accompanied by a mum and baby dolphin swimming in the wake of the ferry.

We walked about 1.3 kilometres into town (instead of taking the courtesy bus) to the Fisherman’s Wharf for fish and chips for lunch.  Derick and I hummed-and-hahhed about whether to share a meal or buy two separate meals, finally we decided on two separate meals, me fish and chips and him calamari and chips.  Well we definitely should have shared, the meals were huge!!!!!.  We couldn’t eat all we had and ended up throwing some away :(.

We made a group decision to walk back to the Ferry Wharf, to help digest what we had all consumed, albeit at a much slower pace, window shopping along the way.  We had about an hour’s wait for the ferry, and the coffee shop aromas were so inviting the 6 of us piled into the shop to enjoyed a cuppa.

We had both enjoyed the best time, catching up with Laurie and Leonie and their wonderful friends.  We arrived back at camp about 4pm; just in time to shower and each prepare our food for the evening celebration of Leonie’s birthday.

Over the past few days Derick had started coughing, with a dripping nose so we visited chemist who recommended some tablets to take (and we had a quiet day) and thank goodness 24 hours later he is feeling much better.   The weather has probably contributed to his cold; we experienced a thunder storm two nights ago with very chilly winds since.  We have been wearing warmer clothes and have set up the full annexe to keep warm during the day.

This morning I went into teacher mode, and over a cuppa and cake, helped Chris and Leonie with some of their IT questions and issues.  We talked and talked and talked while they worked with the laptops and tablets, playing and practising new skills. Laurie, Bob and Alison went fishing, Derick still not 100% stayed with us and helped out.  Five o’clock tonight we will all meet up again at the camp kitchen for drinks and dinner to talk some more and share our day 🙂 🙂 :).

Sunday the six of us (Lee, Laurie, Ali, Bob, Derick and myself) ventured to the Ashby markets to stock up on fresh produce and a look around the town.  During the afternoon Derick and I went for a bike ride into Yamba town site, which I found a bit daunting; in NSW there is a specific bike lane on the side of the road which you must use and I must admit I would much rather be on the footpath.

Monday was a quiet day shopping and domestics.

Tuesday the six of us travelled to Angourie, walked along Spooky’s Beach looking for whales, the Quarry Lakes and township of Woolaweyah.

This was our last day in Yamba, our last happy hour and dinner in the camp kitchen with Lee, Loz and their friends.  The weather played up with thunderstorms, lightening and rain during the night followed by a beautiful spring day.


2 thoughts on “12th September to 18th September: Yamba

    • Hi Robyn, Yamba certainly is a lovely town, we will pass through Grafton tomorrow on our way to Nambucca Heads. Today we drove to Angourie, so we could walk around Spookys Beach, the old quarry lakes and Woolameyah. Just lovely countryside, although we are back in jumpers and cardigans, it is a bit cool and there has been a couple of thunderstorms during the week we have been here. I do have a map up and running but need to tidy it up before publishing then catch up with where we have been over the next few weeks. Next time I have the laptop running I will send you some screen captures of how I upload the pictures; yes I do work from the Dashboard, All Posts section then select New Post and work from that window. Happy travels, stay safe Sandi

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