7th October to 9th October: Mittagong to Berry

We woke to a beautiful sunny spring day, leaving Mittagong we headed along Remembrance Drive toward the town of Picton.  Crossing the Nepean River Bridge which was extra wide with a very tall super structure along the sides our surroundings included pastures with grazing horses rugged up against the cold and bush forest with flowering wattle lining both sides of the highway.  Once we turned onto the Picton Road and started to descend to the coast there were panoramic views of Wollongong, the escarpment and ocean.  Lots of birds were playing chicken with the traffic; the majority of those being a beautiful blue and red parrot.  Towing the van we opted for the ‘easiest’ descent route which was still very, very steep in places; the worst 6 kilometre section has 2 kilometres of road at about 45°, the next 2 kilometres on the flat and the last 2 kilometres at 45°.  We both breathed a sigh of relief when we finally made it to sea level :).

We drove past the Nan Tien Temple a Buddhist Retreat, Temple and Education centre in the heart of Wollongong; check it out the web address:


Our drive along the Princes Highway to Berry took us through Shell Harbour, Kiama Downs, Bongo Beach where there was a storm tide making for very dangerous surf.

The pastures along the way went right down to the coast line which I am sure in a storm would be a dangerous place.

Arriving in Berry the town was packed for the monthly Market Day, we drove back to the outskirts to find a parking spot so we could walk the town and find the showground.  Berry is a small friendly arts and crafts town, some fantastic shops filled with wool, threads, felt, ribbons I am in heaven.  Just as well we have limited space in the van, because I could have had a big spend up :).  Late in the afternoon we booked into the showground setup camp and started catching up with the washing and cleaning.  Monday we visited Nowra, had a good look around the town, collected our mail and restocked the pantry.  We also visited Shoalhaven Heads, and Bomaderry.  Tuesday I walked to town to browse the clothing and craft shops once again, what a lovely day – I now have the inspiration to start some of the embroidery projects I packed some 12 weeks ago :).

Our stay in Berry was very relaxing, the weather beautiful – I am sure we will come this way again.


One thought on “7th October to 9th October: Mittagong to Berry

  1. Sounds like you drove down Bulli Pass? Neil rides down the Pass on his Saturday morning ride from home (Engadine) and then home via the coast road.
    I love the the little country markets – you can always pick up something nice.
    Keep on enjoying.

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