22nd October to 23rd October: Scrubby Creek to Genoa

From Scrubby Creek to Genoa is about an hour by road through the Cape Conrad Coastal Park which is very pretty with wattle and flannel flower in full bloom (I am suffering the worst hay fever I have had in years these past few weeks).  During the drive we crossed the border into Victoria; the weather was cold raining and about 14°C.  Arriving at the Genoa Picnic Ground to find about another 5 campers already there and hunkered down against the weather.

Early afternoon the sun peeked out from the cloud, giving us the opportunity to set up camp properly.  During the afternoon we thought we would drive into Genoa for a few bits and pieces only to discover the town consists of a pub and café.  Consulting our maps Gypsy Point was eleven kilometres toward the coast so off we went; well it is a beautiful spot on the Genoa River but consisting of a very posh resort, boat ramp, B and B and river cruise vessels.

OK, Mallacoota is the next town about 40 kilometres away on the coast; the road was through state forest and national park, very winding and narrow but well worth the trip.  Mallacoota is located at the mouth of a lakes system with small islands in the sand bar at the mouth of the estuary.


This weekend the town is hosting a Caravan and Camping Muster on the foreshore with over 500 campsites that we could see.  About half of the participants were already set up in the park, packed in like sardines.  While I am sure the muster will be very successful and everyone will have a wonderful time we would much rather be in the picnic ground at Genoa with the five other groups of campers.

Back at Genoa we met some of the campers for Happy Hour exchanging information and experiences as always.  The Blue Wrens and Red Headed Finches we in abundance and certainly not shy; they were hopping around in amongst us picking up titbits of food, catching the odd bug and generally making themselves at home – which they were.

Day 2 we walked into Genoa across an old road bridge, finding some historic town information and walk path which we followed.  Genoa is a very old town which went into decline when the Dairy Industry started to use stainless steel canisters to store the milk for transport.  For the rest of the day I helped some of the other campers with their IPads, tablets and Kindle books which morphed into Happy Hour and another day came to an end.  Derick and I are actually a bit concerned as to how we are going to fit work back into our busy lives?!


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