30th October to 4th November: Wilsons Promontory to Rosebud (Andy and Sharon’s)

On our way out of Wilsons Promontory National Park we stopped at Glennies Lookout for some minute glimpses of the magnificent coastline and a few more photos as well.

Our journey to Rosebud took us through rolling hills, national park and pastures of sheep and dairy cattle.  The towns of Fish Creek, Meeniyan, Leongatha, Korumburra, Koo-Wee-Rup and Tooradin where the surroundings changed to horse agistment, studs and racing stables. We stopped for lunch at Pearcedale where the surroundings changed again to vineyards, pastures, cattle and sheep which continued on into the Mornington Peninsula which is another very nice part of Victoria.  We arrived at Andy and Sharon’s home early afternoon, set up camp in their yard and then went off to explore Rosebud and find the post office to collect our mail.

While Andy and Sharon were at work we caught up with the domestics, washing, ironing, cleaning, I made some chocolate coffee fruit cake for us all and we took Betty for walks along Rosebud Beach, admiring the beach boxes some of which have been beautifully decorated while others a just a place to store beach stuff for the family.


Day 3 Derick and I drove to the town of Mornington near the top of the peninsula, shopped, and walked the town precinct in a storm which felt like it originated in the Arctic – the wind chill factor was freezing.  We didn’t let the weather spoil our day, the coastal scenery around Port Phillip Bay is spectacular in places, especially seeing some amazing homes perched on the cliff edges and steep hill sides as if directly challenging Mother Nature.

The Bay water was very rough, big swell, waves crashing to the shoreline be it beach or cliff edge with yachts bouncing around on their moorings.  We stopped for lunch in a café at Mount Martha and then continued our drive along the coast road where possible through Dromana, McCrae, Rosebud, Rye, Blairgowrie and Sorrento to Portsea and the Point Nepean National Park.  We were hoping to drive all the way out to Port Phillip Heads however only tourist buses were allowed out there and so we parked at the Gunners Cottage car park.

We walked as far as we could along a bush track to the lookout, which took us past the old quarantine station where some of the barbed wire fence is still intact.  On our way back to Rosebud we stopped for a drink at the iconic Portsea Hotel, we sat in an enclosed verandah under a heater watched and listened to the waves crashing on the sea wall.

Day 4 we spent with Andy and Sharon browsing op shops for bargains and looking for some of the tools Derick needed to install wheel spring airbags on the car to stop the back tyres from wearing unevenly.

Day 5 Andy and Sharon took us on a winery trail around the Mornington Peninsula.  The weather was perfect, sunny a few fluffy clouds with just a slight breeze to take the edge off the heat of the day.  We started at Red Hill Winery for coffee, inadvertently gate crashing a family party on the terrace of the winery restaurant.  The staff found a spare table for us, set it up on the grass and there we sat overlooking Western Port Bay and Phillip Island thoroughly enjoying the moment.

Next stop was Tucks Ridge for a tasting; the wines were so nice I bought a Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Rose.  We also enjoyed a wine tasting at Montalto but didn’t buy any wines, but did walk the sculpture path and gardens.

Then we moved on to T’Gallant for lunch where Lindsay Field was the guest performer (backing singer for John Farnham).  The place was so busy, we waited for about 20 minutes for a table and then while Andy and Sharon ordered lunch Derick and I enjoyed yet another wine tasting.

The company, the food and the music all contributed to a very memorable and delicious dining experience.  Feeling quite mellow we all climbed back into the car and headed to the Strawberry Farm for sweets.  The place was packed, all the tables were taken and the shop was overflowing with patrons looking for their favourite strawberry delight.  Derick and Andy tried for a liquor tasting only to be told they had none left!  So we found small tubs of our favourite ice-cream a bag of chocolate coated freeze-dried strawberries and then looked for a somewhere to sit an enjoy our purchases.  We ended up standing under the shade of a tree eating our ice creams and chocolate coated strawberries.

Unable to fit in any more food we just visited Foxys Hangout and the Red Hill Brewery and then went on to the Arthurs Seat Lookout for another fantastic view of Port Phillip Bay and the surrounding area.

Sharon drove us down the zig-zag road where we stopped  at Chapman’s Point and Franklin Point for some more photo opportunities and then home.  What a beautiful day:).


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