5th November to 7th November: Rosebud to Romsey (Leonie and Laurie’s)

Derick did a fantastic job negotiating the freeways from Rosebud through Melbourne out to Romsey, while I telephoned the number to pay the required tolls.  The usual story, automated telephone system which couldn’t get the car registration number correct so I was passed onto a real person who then wanted to read me the disclaimers and legal jargon before even starting the registration process.  The phone registration took about 20 minutes all told, so frustrating but apparently the easiest way to go about the process for a day pass on the Victoria toll roads.  

We arrived in Romsey about lunch time and had a bit of a look around while finding Lee and Laurie’s address.  Romsey is an historic picturesque town not far from Mount Macedon or Hanging Rock with a population of about 3000.  It is also the home of mum’s parents and their families until Nana and Poppa moved to Western Australia under a very grey cloud.  Lee and Laurie’s garden is beautiful; the front garden has the most amazing display of Iris and Foxglove.  The rear garden just as stunning keeps on going; behind the Moon Gate and other barriers more flowers, a vegetable garden and fruit trees.

Day 2 Chris and Will had organised a get-together for the ’Yamba Crew’ at their home in Cherokee not far from Romsey. Once again the first thing we noticed was the beautiful gardens and in particular the magnificent Rhododendrons in full bloom covered in flowers of pink, white, mauve and red.  As well as 2 types of Waratah and a Dogwood.

We enjoyed a wonderful day catching up with Ali, Bob, Chris and Will; meeting Chris and Wills two children and watching the Melbourne Cup.  Ali organised a $2 sweep which Laurie’s horse won, my horse came second, can’t remember whose horse came third and Gareth’s (Chris and Wills son) horse came last.


Day 3 we visited Kyneton which is about 20 minutes from Romsey and where Aunty Grace (Mum’s sister) lived and was laid to rest last June.  We drove past Aunty Grace’s old house, which the new owners have started to renovate so we are now looking forward to seeing the finished project.  Laurie took the Mount Macedon road on the way to Kyneton and the Hanging Rock road on the way back. Back in Romsey we had lunch at a local restaurant Soltan Pepper, which was very nice and highly recommended if you are ever visiting Romsey.


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