16th December: HOME

The drive from Dwellingup to home takes about an hour; one we have made many times from our weekends away free camping at the old Nanga Mill Town site about 5 kilometres further into the Nanga Bush Camp area from Amy and Michael’s wedding location.

We reminisced on our 5 ½ months on the road; we have visited and camped a lot of places in this wonderful country we call home and really we have hardly seen anything.  We have experienced an amazing diversity of country and weather conditions, met some fantastic people with whom we hope stay in touch and all going well meet up with again somewhere in Oz. But for now we are happy to be back home, relaxed, refreshed and looking forward to Christmas with family and friends.

Last but not least, starting to plan our next Trek Oz 🙂


13th to 15th December: Boorabbin Rest Area to Dwellingup

Our body clocks have adjusted, at last, waking at 7am which is quite civilised and on the road by around 9am.  Our surroundings included the Yellowdine National Park; we refueled at the town of Yellowdine and found ourselves back in wheat and sheep country.  Most of the crops have been harvested and some had sheep grazing on the leftovers.  We passed through the towns of Ghooli, Southern Cross, Moorine Rock, Bodallin and Carrabin, where we saw remnants of the Rabbit Proof Fence.

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12th December: Fraser Range Station to Boorabbin Rest Area

Since crossing the border at Eucla we had been living on fruit and vegetables that had been cooked or made into salads so they wouldn’t be confiscated.  This morning the fridge is looking empty; so our first stop was Norseman to buy enough essentials to get us to Merredin where hopefully the cost and quality of fresh fruit and vegetables would be reasonably good.

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10th and 11th December: Fraser Range Station

We’re still waking way too early; this morning we were on the road by 8.30am just marginally later than yesterday.  We passed the fifth and final RFDS emergency airstrip, stopped at Balladonia to reply to some txt messages (not knowing where our next phone service would come from) then continued on to Fraser Range Station (where there is only landline phone service and no internet service).

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7th to 9th December: Free Camping across the Nullarbor

The time difference between SA and WA is 2 ½ hours due to the daylight saving in SA; so we decided we would work on MacFeate time.  We planned to free camp 3 nights between Ceduna and Fraser Range Station, the first 2 nights we would put our watches back one hour and then the 3rd night ½ an hour.  Not such a big adjustment this way.  Continue reading

5th to 6th December: Haslam to Ceduna

The distance from Haslam to Ceduna is around 70 kilometres so we were barely in the car when we had arrived at our destination.  The wheat and barley fields are now fully harvested with sheep grazing the leftovers.  We booked into the Shelly Beach Caravan Park for two nights, settled in, and then went for a look around town and food shopping.

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3rd to 4th December: Streaky Bay to Haslam

This morning we travelled 38 kilometres north from Streaky Bay Caravan Park to the campground at Haslam which is a small Oyster farming town.  The campground is located far enough from the beach to be protected from the winds coming off the ocean and close enough to be a 2 minute walk and costs a nominal fee of $5 per van per night.   We placed our $10 in the honour box and set up camp for two nights, alongside the other 5 vans already there.  During the day 2 vans packed up and left and about an hour later another 2 arrived and settled in.  We walked the town several times, spoke with some of the locals, and tried to buy oysters which were advertised at $6 per dozen, on a hoarding on the front of a huge shed, only to be told they didn’t have any at the moment.

SA213HaslamTownsiteR     SA214HaslamBoatRampR

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