30th November to 2nd December: Elliston to Streaky Bay

We said our goodbyes to Jan and Peter, who were also heading to Streaky Bay, but not until tomorrow.  Our plan was to head to Venus Bay for a couple of days and then Streaky Bay so there was a chance the four of us would meet up again in a few days’ time.  Our surroundings for the journey from Elliston to Venus Bay were acres and acres of Barley, which at this point was mostly harvested.

There were some small flocks of sheep in some paddocks, but when we reached Lake Newland (salt lake) the flora changed to low scrubby salt bush.  On our entry into Venus Bay we saw another metre long brown snake crossing the road, and a Kangaroo mum with baby following close behind.  Venus Bay was quite a small town we drove around a bit didn’t like the feel of the place and so headed on to Port Kenny, which was much of the same so by days end we were booked into the caravan park at Streaky Bay.  All these caravan parks, we are missing the tranquillity and spaciousness of the free camps, but Derick says our next stop Haslam will give us free camp fix :).  Snakes and bobtail goannas were plentiful during the afternoon drive.  After settling into the caravan park we drove back into town for a walk around and a quick look at the shops.


Saturday morning we drove back into town, parked the car and while Derick went to the Mitre 10 I went to some of the shops I had been drawn to the day before by their window displays.  I was not disappointed, I could have spent a lot, but space is at a premium in the van and so selected a few easy to store items that would make great Christmas presents.  Next was the Cape Bauer Loop Drive, our first stop being Halley’s Beach, another brown snake crossed the beach path in front of us so we very tentatively walked the path to the beach and it was worth, the coast line certainly lives up to its name of the ‘rugged coast’.

SA196HalleysBeachStreakyBayR     SA198CostlineHalleysBeachStreakyBayR

Our next stop was even more spectacular, Whistling Rocks and Blowholes which are a unique geographical formation created when vertical fractures in the limestone cliffs become enlarged over thousands of years.  The eroding fractures form pipes and shafts within the cliffs.  If these spaces are connected at the base with open air, waves breaking around them force air and sea water up through the spaces under pressure causing the sights and sounds of ‘Whistling Rocks’ and the ‘Blowholes’.  And all of this on an awesome piece of the coast line! SA202WhistlingRocksBlowStreakyBayR

SA204BlowHolesStreakyBayR     SA205BlowHolesStreakyBayR

The last stop on our drive was Bauer’s Point, not quite as spectacular as the Whistling Rocks and Blowholes but still an awesome piece of coastline.

SA207BauersPointR   SA208BauersPointR

By the time we had returned to the caravan park, Jan and Peter had arrived and were setting up there van.  We welcomed them, made our happy hour arrangements and then left them to finish organising their van.  We went for a walk around the perimeter of the caravan park, along the beach front and back to the van.  Needless to say we enjoyed another lovely evening with our new friends, finally finishing up at about 8.30pm; we really did need to have some dinner.

Sunday Derick needed to change a part he had bought the day before so we walked the kilometre into town.  Fortunately Mitre 10 was open, he changed the part, and then we did a bit of shopping, resisted scones, jam, cream and coffee for morning tea and walked along the foreshore path back to the caravan park.  The weather is beautiful, sunny with a slight breeze and about 26 degrees.  The rest of the day we have spent relaxing, reading.  Our last happy hour with Jan and Peter turned into dinner and the remainder of the evening.  It was 10pm before we knew it, the caravan park was very quiet and so we thought we had better say goodnight and head indoors.



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