3rd to 4th December: Streaky Bay to Haslam

This morning we travelled 38 kilometres north from Streaky Bay Caravan Park to the campground at Haslam which is a small Oyster farming town.  The campground is located far enough from the beach to be protected from the winds coming off the ocean and close enough to be a 2 minute walk and costs a nominal fee of $5 per van per night.   We placed our $10 in the honour box and set up camp for two nights, alongside the other 5 vans already there.  During the day 2 vans packed up and left and about an hour later another 2 arrived and settled in.  We walked the town several times, spoke with some of the locals, and tried to buy oysters which were advertised at $6 per dozen, on a hoarding on the front of a huge shed, only to be told they didn’t have any at the moment.

SA213HaslamTownsiteR     SA214HaslamBoatRampR


On the beach in between the jetty and the campground is a free-standing shed the walls lined with the history of the town, including photos and shopping lists from the early days when the coastal ships delivered the groceries.  One of the items was Zambuk, sadly I can remember that ointment; Mum always had tine of Zambuk in the first aid cupboard to be used as an antiseptic balm when we were bitten by mosquitos.  Talk about a reality  :).

SA210HaslamBeachShedR     SA211HaslamBeachShedR


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