12th December: Fraser Range Station to Boorabbin Rest Area

Since crossing the border at Eucla we had been living on fruit and vegetables that had been cooked or made into salads so they wouldn’t be confiscated.  This morning the fridge is looking empty; so our first stop was Norseman to buy enough essentials to get us to Merredin where hopefully the cost and quality of fresh fruit and vegetables would be reasonably good.

Most of the drive we were surrounded by the Dundas Nature Reserve, and there were a few tan coloured lizards sunning themselves on the road shoulder.  After stocking up in Norseman we headed towards Coolgardie, passing the Lake Cowan (salt pans), through the Binaronca Nature Reserve, and the small town of Widgiemooltha.  On our approach to Coolgardie we could see a storm front heading our way, lightning, thunder and a very dark sky.  We stopped just west of Coolgardie for lunch and just made it into the caravan when the heavens opened.  The rain pelted down for around half an hour; thunder, lightning and small hail stones, which sound very loud when in a caravan.  The temperature dropped 12 degrees from 31°C to 19°C.  We finished lunch about the time the rain stopped, went back to the car and continued our journey.  The temperature took about an hour to get back up to 31°C.  Our stop for the night was the Boorabbin Rest Area in the Boorabbin National Park, another very large and very nice free camp site.

WA231BoorabbinRestAreaR     WA232BoorabbinRestAreaR


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