9th to 10th January: Mannum to Craignook to Mannum

The paddle steamer along the river to Murray Bridge where we walked the town, visiting the main shopping centre, antiques shops and Round House.

A0006MurrayPrincessMooredMurrayBridge     A0002MurrayBridgeWarMemorial

A0004Railway and Traffic Bridges Murray Bridge     A0008TheRoundHouseMurrayBridge

Lovely town, enjoyed the walk but very hot again today 43 degrees and glad to get back on the ship.  The antiques were interesting; I have similar pieces of crockery at home and noted their current value.  The afternoon was spent cruising back up the river to Craignook, where we moored for the night.

A0015Sandstone Cliffs Murray River       A0010FloodLineMurrayBridge

Most of the day was spent cruising the river, interspersed with nature walks and relaxing.

A0012Cruising the Murray River     A0011HolidayHomesOnMurrayRiver


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