21st – 22nd January: Geelong to Richmond

Left Geelong around 9.10am using the GPS to find our way to Ashley Gardens Holiday Village in Braybrook. The park is very nice at $42.00 per night.  The depot to return the van is just down the road which will make life easier in the morning.  We went browsing in the shopping centre next door, Derick has bought himself a mini computer for when we are travelling, especially overseas.  Expensive shopping trip :), but gave Derick a toy to play with for the rest of the day.  We will relax for the remainder of our last day in the van.


We returned the camper van to Backpacker in Braybrook this morning; Frances met us there then we travelled t0 Richmond for a coffee and a catch-up chat on each other’s news.

We arrived at Andy and Sharon’s around noon; what an amazing home.  They live in a converted warehouse unit (3 stories) in Garfield Street, Richmond.  Andy drove us to their shop front where I met Sharon.  This evening we enjoyed a barbeque tea, a few wines, great company, and good times.


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