23th June 2013: Blue River to Jasper

Now on our altered itinerary, the plan for this morning was breakfast at the Blue River Safari cafe and then a ‘bear adventure’ river cruise and then a relaxing day at the Wiegele Helicopter Ski Lodge.  Just as we were about the board the bus, we were advised that we had to go pack our bags, because following breakfast and the tour we would be heading to our original accommodation in Jasper, the Jasper Park Lodge.

At first we thought it was someone playing a joke but the tour director arrived to advise us that it was another alteration to our itinerary.  Our protests about wet washing, long days and late nights were swept aside; we were advised in no uncertain terms that APT has worked hard into the night to get things sorted and we needed to be more understanding and get on with the holiday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Breakfast was a paper plate containing pancakes, berries, and cream alongside a wrap of bacon, with scrambled egg.  Very ordinary!  The jet boats used for the bear adventure got away on time only to have one break down, requiring the passengers and crew to be rescued – some added excitement we could have done without.  

Late morning we reboarded the bus for the return journey to Jasper, stopping at the base of Mount Robson for lunch.  Derick and I found a shady picnic table and ate some of the supplies we had purchased the previous day in Jasper thinking we would be spending 2 days at the Wiegele Helicopter Ski Lodge.



 Our journey continued north to the town site of Jasper where we checked into the Fairmont Jasper park Lodge, a mountain retreat located on the shores of Lake Beauvert and surrounded by magnificent scenery.




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