Tuesday 24th June: Lake Nallan

Free camping, can’t use the remote for the air conditioner!  Someone needs to get out of bed in 3.4°C and light the Buddy gas heater?!  Derick is the man, so it’s his job; that’s my story and I am sticking to it:).  We waited for the van to warm just a little before leaving our warm bed to brave the cold.

Iron Sculpture Cue


Today we travelled through Payne’s Find, which consists of a roadhouse/motel, truck stop and mine.  Then along the way to Mount Magnet saw a few goat and sheep herds on the side of the road (no fencing).  Mount Magnet is a small town, very tidy and where we stopped for lunch in the car park of the Caltex roadhouse.  After which it was on to Cue, a very historical Murchison town, with beautiful historical buildings, iron sculptures depicting life in the mining town and very friendly, helpful residents.

Cue Post Office

For tonight’s camp we had picked Camps 7: 448 – Lake Nallan which is located 20 kilometres north of Cue.  We arrived about 3.30pm, just as another van was about to leave, after some discussion we both decided to camp for the night.  Robyn and Dennis are from Bowral NSW, we swapped stories, information and generally enjoyed each other’s company.  This evening was not as cold as the previous two, although we did light the gas heater for an hour or so.

Cue Memorial Gardens


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