Sunday 6th July: Barradale (Yannarie River)

Our nearest neighbour at Beasley River, Hilary and Steve, said goodbye about 8.30am and we departed about 30 minutes later.  Our drive today included passing Paulsen’s Mine, House Creek campsite, which looked OK, a bit small and very dusty!  A lot of cows with their newborn calves, grazing on the station lands and wildflowers, yellow, pink, purple and white, starting to bloom, everywhere.

We refuelled at Nanutarra, most expensive roadhouse we have seen during this trip, diesel $199.99 per litre.

Yannarie River

Arriving at Barradale, who should already be there and set-up, you guessed it, Hilary and Steve.  We had a chat, found us a camp spot and settled in for the night.  On our side of the highway, the river bed had a few pools of water, some muddy areas and the remainder very dry.  The other side of the highway there was quite a big pool of water, with the local birdlife taking full advantage.

Yannarie River

Yannarie River


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