23rd – 28th December: Brownhill Creek

Diesel is getting cheaper by the day; $1.299 at Rangeview which is north of the Port Pirie turnoff.  No we didn’t refuel we had full tanks!  We arrived at Brownhill Caravan Park at 12 noon on the dot, and the site allocated was a very tight fit!!!!

Brownhill Creek

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22nd December: Port Germein

We woke this morning to grey, cloudy overcast skies and an expected maximum of 23°C. We had expected a long hot drive between Mandurah and Adelaide and have experienced the exact opposite, only one night in Ceduna when we haven’t used the doona!  Not that we’re complaining :).  The first few hours on the road there was heavy rain and strong wind.  For kilometres all around, the grain paddocks are harvested, light yellow in colour dotted with grazing sheep and the occasional family of emus.

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16th – 21st December: Home to Ceduna

Two weeks earlier: Derick retired on the 21st November (although even now he says he still feels like he is on his off roster).  For any lecturer end of semester is a busy time; ensuring all students have had every opportunity to submit last-minute work (last-minute being the operative words – not a semester’s works as some are prone to attempt).  Marking the said submissions and entering the marks into the system.  All done! Sunday we hosted a family Christmas lunch for Sean, Mel, Khye and Michael and it was a lovely day. Monday the 16th my diary said I needed to shop for last-minute food items, check our post office box, pack the van as well as a Chiball session to keep my back (and body) in good health.  June and Rinus visited to check our garden which they will keep an eye on while we are away.   Last but not least a phone call the home security monitoring switchboard to let them know the alarm was armed, emergency contacts and our travel dates. 16th:  The day had arrived!  I had an appointment at 10.30, Derick dropped me there and then came back about 12.30 with the van, some lunch and a cuppa for me to eat along the way and we were on the road.  Woohoo!!!!!!!!! CunderdinCaravanPark

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