22nd December: Port Germein

We woke this morning to grey, cloudy overcast skies and an expected maximum of 23°C. We had expected a long hot drive between Mandurah and Adelaide and have experienced the exact opposite, only one night in Ceduna when we haven’t used the doona!  Not that we’re complaining :).  The first few hours on the road there was heavy rain and strong wind.  For kilometres all around, the grain paddocks are harvested, light yellow in colour dotted with grazing sheep and the occasional family of emus.

Out first stop was Poochera, very nice facilities – clean and tidy.  Lunch was in the town of Kimba which is half way across Australia, once again very nice facilities; shady, clean and tidy.

I would love to have taken some photos of the iron-ore mountains at Iron Knob, but unfortunately there wasn’t the space to stop on the side of the road and way too much traffic.  The colours were burgundy, burnt orange, deep purple and charcoal depending on the angle of the viewer, amazing!

We refuelled in Port Augusta where the diesel price was 1.389, very reasonable in comparison with Mandurah.  By now the weather had cleared, the sun was shining through what cloud remained and by the time we arrived in Port Germein the temperature was about 29°C.

Port Germein Restored Residence

The caravan park is across the road from the beach, where the 1.5 kilometre jetty is the main focal point.  With long days in the car, my Chiball sessions have kept my knee and back in good health.  Only today we weren’t setting up any privacy screens and so I’m sure the caravan campers thought we really have a live one here.  In fact the people next door came out and watched!  Jan suggested Derick sell tickets; so we might try that next time.

Port Germein Jetty

Although a small town, Port Germein has an art gallery, a coffee shop and some very interesting buildings to explore.  We will return for a longer stay so we can really learn more about the history of this cute town.

Port Germein Lighthouse


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