8th – 9th January: Halls Gap (Grampians National Park)

This morning we woke to misty rain and 16°C; what a change from yesterday.  Derick laughed when I packed my drizabone but I well and truly needed it today.  Derick bought a plastic poncho:).

Lakeside Caravan Park

Visibility was poor through the fog/ cloud and the roads wet and narrow as they wind their way around the mountains. First stop was Reed Lookout, provides an almost 360° view over the Central Grampians. The drizzling rain and fog made for spectacular scenery and photo opportunities.  The view from the fire tower on a clear day would make one of the most spectacular views in the Grampians.

View Reed Lookout

Reed Lookout Fire Tower

Reed Lookout

Mackenzie Falls has just re-opened after the area burnt down in January 2014.  These are the most well-known falls of the Grampians.  Due to the weather we opted to view the falls from the lookout rather than try to climb down to the base of the falls, which is a kim walk from the carpark and involves a lot of steps, in the rain and mist.  The walk to the lookout is 1.9 klm along and undulating path and much safer in the wet and windy conditions.

Mackenzie Falls

After The Fire Mackenzie Falls

Lake Wartook, north of Reed Lookout, was next, once again the rain and mist helped make interesting photos.  By this time the weather had well and truly set in so we opted to return to the caravan park which is situated beside the dam wall on Lake Bellfield.  Both lakes appear to be around ¾ full.

Lake Wartook From Reed Lookout

Wartook Reservior

Groups of kangaroos move freely around the caravan park along with the white cockatoos, kookaburras and bright red and blue parrots.  In fact you need to watch where you are walking as the kangaroo poo is all but a carpet on the grass.


Red Blue Parrots

9th: The weather today was cloudy, rain and 12°C; with storms predicted we packed away the annexe and its contents before leaving for the day.  The brochures say not to visit Silverband Falls during the dry season as there may only be a trickle of water dripping if you are lucky.  We took the chance; the walk from the carpark is around 900 metres of undulating pathway, some huge log jams from the 2011 floods and beautiful forest. The falls are quite unique themselves, the almost vertical wall exists of layered stone and in the middle of the wall a thin line of water cascades down the rocks.

Silverband Falls

Silverband Falls

Log Jam Silverband Falls

Back in the town of Halls Gap we wandered around the gift shops (I did, Derick waited for me outside most of the time).  Lunch was at the Halls Gap Hotel.  The dining room over looks horse paddocks, with just 2 horses that we saw accompanied by about 50-60 grazing/resting kangaroos.

Grampians Main St Halls Gap

I should have taken photos of our meals; I ordered Chicken Parmigiana and Derick, the pie of the day which was Beef and Guinness.  Well my piece of chicken all but covered the entire plate then the chips and salad sat on top!  Derick’s pie was served in a separate dish, which all but covers his dinner plate with the chips and salad covering the remainder.  Both meals were delicious.


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