12th – 13th January: Burra Creek Gorge

The initial stages of our drive from lake Bonney the surroundings consisted of alpacas, sheep fruit, vines and some adolescent emus, they were cute!

We stopped in Morgan for a look around the town which in its heyday was a main port for the area.  A pedestrian and vehicle ferry is still in operation, the remnants of the train cart turntable are located quite near the ferry wharf and the views from the lookout are very nice.  The lovingly renovated heritage homes exist even out here.  South Australians really do treasure their heritage properties and it shows all over the state.

Port Of Morgan


Morgan Lookout Views

Heritage Home Morgan

This free camp site is also known as Worlds End Gorge because it is located just off the Worlds End Highway (219 SA – Camps 7).  What a beautiful spot to stop and relax for a couple of days.  The trees are ancient, with bulbous bases, brown camouflage trucks and beautiful green leaves.  The creek was just a trickle but wet enough to support the growth of healthy rushes and rock moss.

Burra Creek Gorge Trees

Burra Creek Gorge Trees

Burra Creek Gorge Trees

Burra Creek Gorge Trees

One side of the camp site is the trees and creek and the other harvested paddocks dotted with meat sheep.  The fence on our side must have had a break because both days we had a sheep or two wandering down the road, but to their credit they found their way back to the break and into the paddock with the rest of the flock.  Who said sheep were stupid?

Burra Creek Gorge Sheep Paddocks


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