22nd January: Home

When we left Kellerberrin this morning the temperature was 21°C, overcast and raining, what a change!

Perth side of Cunderdin we noticed there has been a lot of land restoration, tree planting in salt affected areas.  The trees seemed to be growing well and the land looking much healthier; it is great see these projects happening more and more and the salt affected areas being bought back to their native landscape.

We arrived home about 1ish and the clean out and clean up began.


20th January: Fraser Range Station Caravan Park

Having driven around 600ks the previous day we wanted a short one today!  Fraser Range was about 2 hours down the road; we were booked in and set up by 9.30am – still getting used to the time change!!!!!

Fraser Range

Maximum reached 41°C; we were tucked up in our caravan with the aircon working flat out :).  Great day for reading a book – The Rosie Project, Graeme Simsion.

19th January: Baxter Free Camp Site (16 – WA)

We didn’t have any plans of where to end our day so we just drove; the day was a cloudy, overcast 23°C with the estimated top of 39°C.  We stopped to eat our last 2 bananas just before the quarantine check (which went well), refuelled at Eucla and changed the clocks back one hour – Eucla time.

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18th January: 157 Mile Peg Free Camp Site (585- SA)

We drove out of Streaky Bay around 8.15am a bit glum; another holiday was almost over :(.  The day was magnificent, blue skies, just a touch of cloud, we passed through Perlubie Landing, Smokey Bay, Ceduna and Penong, surrounded by harvested paddocks dotted with sheep.  Made a mental note to stop at Fowlers Bay for the Whale Watching sometime in the future, and then refuelled at Nundroo.

We started talking to Wendy and James, while in the service station and about 45 minutes later parted agreeing to meet at the 157 Mile Peg free camp site, (SA) later in the day.  We stopped for lunch on the side of the road, continued on through Yalata, Nullarbor, arriving at our planned destination around 2.30ish; found a protected spot and set up for the night.

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