13th July 2015: Kotor, Montenegro

Another beautiful day, another picturesque city in the Mediterranean.  Today our destination is Kotor, Montenegro, the city of cats. Strolling through the beautiful old city there certainly is a lot of stray cats, which seem to be cared for by the locals who provide food and water.


Kotor Cove

We entered the old city from the Gradska pjaca, West Gate (The Sea Gate, 1555); the city is in the shape of a triangle, squished between mountain and sea.  Following the walls we skirted the city; at the River Gate (North Gate, 1540) to view the old hydro power station and then on to the Gurdic Gate (South Gate, XIII-XVIIIc) to view the natural spring which feeds the pond just outside the walls.  From here we zig-zagged our way through the interior cobble stone squares and alleyways, feeling very comfortable (now) in these very narrow paths and long stair cases leading to shops, cafes, bars, apartments and homes.

Connie Giant Bench


The city is well organised with fish and produce market squares, clothing and souvenir market squares, cathedral and church squares, cafés , bars and restaurants divided into fish and meat areas all with their own invitingly, intoxicating aromas.  Before returning to the ship, we rested in a café just outside the Sea Gate, enjoying the ice-creams and coffee and best of all the soft ocean breeze.

Old Town Garden

Church Square OT


Church Door

The sail out of Kotor is picturesque (same as the sail in however we were asleep); through bays where the water is a stunning deep blue, surrounded by fjords, as high as they are deep.  Through narrow channels of water where long fingers of land, surrounding the bays, reach out to touch each other. 

Balcony Garden


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