22nd July, 2015: Kusadasi, Turkey

Located on the western coast of Turkey, this resort town attracts tourists from all around the world.  Since the area was settled by the Leleges in 3000 BC, culture and art have been at the forefront.  Ancient ruins at every turn.  Ephesus-once home to the Temple of Artemis, recognised as one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.





Our visit to Ephesus, was a visit to one of the best preserved ancient cities in the world.  Our guide, Mustafa, was passionate and knowledgeable which made the tour so very interesting with both historical data as well as the funny stories and ‘gossip’ of the day.


We visited the Odeon, the Baths, the Celsus Library, Parliament buildings, Great Theatre and many other columns, monuments and ruins.



Celsus Library_2


Virgin Mary’s House-believed to be Mary’s residence after Jesus’ death.  Pigeon Island-connected to the mainland by a causeway, the ‘island’ is the location of the Genovese Castle and many tea houses.

Back in the city we walked the streets and main mall.  There are many street hawkers; we learned to never look at them and just keep walking, unless of course you are interested in buying.  We found a street café, with free wifi, ordered a beer and an iced coffee (the Greek and Turkish iced coffee is the best I have ever tasted).  There we sat and enjoyed the surrounds, sights and sounds of the City of Kusadasi.

Silk Rug Making

Visiting Ephesus was the highlight of our holiday, so far.  Kusadasi is beautiful and the people very friendly; I will visit again:).


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