25th-29th July, 2015: Antony Hotel, Campalto Mestre, Italy

25th and 26th: At Sea

Day One: Collected by the hotel shuttle for the trip from the port to Campalto Mestre (between Venice and the airport).  Walked the suburb, found the local bar, cafes and coop (supermarket).  Bought some fresh fruit, water and wine for Derick!

Day Two: Twenty euro buys a 24 hour public transport pass; which we used to visit the islands Murano and Burano.  Two road buses, four river buses and six hours later we had enjoyed a wonderful day.  Completely circling the island of Venice, including some of the main canal, watching a glass blowing exhibition on Murano as well as walking just a small section of the island.


Restaurant Balcony Murano

Finding the number 12 river bus to Burano, we were packed on like ‘sardines’, for the half hour journey to the neighbouring island.  Walking along the main piazzale, the cafes, bars, souvenir shops displaying lace bookmarks, handkerchiefs, tablecloths, antimacassars, you name it was there and oh so beautiful!  We found the prices cheaper away from the main centre.

Burano Canal_2

Burano_Fresh Produce

The brightly painted apartment houses, boats lining the narrow canals, wooden bridges crossing the canals and the café hawker’s spruiking the cafes speciality meals.  No pressure though, the atmosphere is very casual, the locals polite and we found very enjoyable.




The end of our wonderful holiday has arrived; we fly back to Western Australia tomorrow, then back to work Monday.  I’m looking forward to being home for a while 🙂


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