18th July 2016: Cliff Head North

Monday morning, the car battery is dead, which is a good thing as we had planned to free camp the first 4 days of our adventure.  So Derick attached the battery charger while we walked to Spill the Beans for breakfast. Once back home the car did start so we hooked on the van, then headed directly to the battery store for a replacement.

We left Mandurah a bit later than planned but had a good trip north along the freeway onto Indian Ocean Drive. Stopped for lunch just south of the Ledge Point turn off.  We almost had a head-on with an idiot trying to pass a truck on a bend with a double white line!!  Can’t repeat the truckies comments…

Arrived at North Cliff Head around 3ish, found a spot, set up and then went for a walk along the beach.

20160718_160226  20160718_162440

On the return journey met up with some of Derick’s Geraldton friends, Jean and Brent.  Then spent a great evening with them chatting around the camp fire.





We’ll stay here for a couple of days which is especially good for me to have some time to stop, relax and enjoy doing nothing.


2 thoughts on “18th July 2016: Cliff Head North

  1. Am pleased you are both relaxing especially after your flat battery episode.>Your life reads “ideal” Keep enjoying that wonderful journey. Marjorie

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