20th – 24th July 2016: Galena to Carnarvon

Our stay a Cliff Head North was wonderful; very relaxing with time just to sit and ponder.  Which I did!

We left Cliff Head around 9.30ish heading for Port Denison where we refilled the water tanks for 40c.  Next stop was the Dongara dump point.

With full water tanks and a clean toilet we headed for Galena Bridge, our stop for the night. Arriving around 2pm we were surprised how ‘empty’ the place was.  We parked on the north side of the bridge and within the hour the campers, vans and motor homes began arriving.  The day was sunny, but cool, perfect for a long walk across the old bridge, which was about as far as we went before stopping to chat with a couple from Victoria for around oh, 45 minutes before recommencing our walk around the camp site on the south side and back again. The night wasn’t quite as chilly, the temperature was 13 degrees and raining when we woke the next morning.


Not seeing much wildlife, alive or dead, mainly goats, sheep and one lonely emu. Lunch stop Wooramel Lookout, more sheep and goats.

Our Plan A was to camp at Gladstone Campground (Yuringa Station) tonight, however, because of all the rain, the road had been closed and on arrival at the gate, although it was open, we decided not to take the van down that path; way to wet, muddy and boggy:(.  So Plan B was Adaggee campsite on the side of the ride which turned out to be very nice.  Two sets of toilets, 2 dump points, blue metal ground cover, and fire pits with tables and chairs.

Spending 3 nights in Carnarvon was great in that we caught up with all the domestics, mainly 12 loads of washing!!!  Because the weather was so cool and wet we’re still wearing warm, winter clothes.  The Growers Market on Saturday morning was fabulous, the fruit and vegetables excellent quality and very tasty.

We visited the Carnarvon OTC Museum which contains a huge 30 metre diameter communication satellite dish, which was opened in 1969.  A smaller ‘sugar scoop’ antenna was commissioned in 1966.  Although neither is in use, they still stand as a reminder of days gone by when Carnarvon participated in the space race and helped put man on the moon in 1969.


Can recommend the Harbour Side Café in Harbour Road for a delicious meal or coffee and cake.  Sit outside under the patio with a lovely view of the mouth of the Fascine River.


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