22nd – 28th August 2016: Katherine – Hi-Way Inn, Daly Waters

Katherine’s Riverview Caravan Park is an oasis in the desert, literally; very tall tropical trees providing ample shade for all sites.  Their swimming pool is a welcome relief from the heat and especially the humidity.  Just a short walk, 500 metres, to the Katherine Hot Springs which are not at all hot, tepid at best!

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15th – 21st August 2016: Kununurra – Katherine

The 4 nights spent at the Lake Argyle, were absolute heaven!  There is no phone service (pay phone is available in the office) and the Internet is unreliable and also limited to 2 hours per day between 4.30pm and 6.30pm.

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8th – 14th August 2016: Broome – Kununurra

Back on the road and heading to Broome for a couple of days, we were just settling into our drive when we noticed smoke coming from the right tyre of a van about 1 kilometre in front of us.  We discussed how we could contact them via two-way to alert them; but at that distance we couldn’t tell if they even had a two-way. (In hind sight, we should have used to two-way to say ‘any one towing a van that can hear us, please check your right van tyre as it may be smoking’.  Hindsight is a wonderful thing, and if we ever need to we know what to do next time:).

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1st – 7th August 2016: Yule River (Munda Station) – Goldwire

Leaving Karratha the easterlies were blowing at 35 kph, gusting to 39 kph; needless to say fuel consumption was high.  The horizon was one big red dust cloud and we weren’t looking forward to driving through that.

As we drove across the railway overpass, just north of Karratha, there were 2 ore trains crossing paths under the bridge and we couldn’t see the last carriage of either.  Amazing!

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