15th – 21st August 2016: Kununurra – Katherine

The 4 nights spent at the Lake Argyle, were absolute heaven!  There is no phone service (pay phone is available in the office) and the Internet is unreliable and also limited to 2 hours per day between 4.30pm and 6.30pm.

20160816_161348 (800x450)

As well as having plenty of time to catch-up with all the domestics; we swam daily in what must be the most amazing infinity pool in the world.  One never tires of the view across the ranges and Lake Argyle; the shades and hues ever changing with the rise and fall of the sun, the cloud formations and the humidity, awesome and very powerful.

IMG_4681 (800x225)

Additional activities include bush walks, helicopter flights, bus trips and river cruises; we chose the Sunset Cruise which runs from 2.30pm to around 6.30pm depending on when the sun sets.  Another incredible experience, it is very difficult to get the mind around the enormity of the lake.  We saw fresh water crocodiles, jabiru, sea eagles, osprey and wallaroo.  Afternoon tea was supplied as well as drinks and nibbles at sunset while bobbing around on noodles in the lake.  Our wonderful afternoon was topped off by a stunning sunset.

IMG_4613 (800x533)IMG_4623 (800x684)IMG_4635 (800x264)IMG_4657 (800x533)IMG_4661 (800x533)IMG_4667 (800x510)

Our Lake Argyle experience was everything I had hoped for and more, we will return and next time maybe take a helicopter flight or a bus tour.

We crossed the border into the Northern Territory 9.15, changed our watches to 10.45, losing 1 ½ hours and most of our morning.  The vegetation changes almost with the border, like it knows we’re in another state. Weird!  We saw the yellowed flowered Kapok trees, 20 or so horses on Newry Station, stock yards full of cattle probably waiting for transport to who knows where, while the verge was a carpet of pink pompom flowers and mauve Mullamulla.

We arrived at Big Horse Creek campsite, realised there was phone service and internet, decision made, we decided to stay the night.  The camp is one of the smaller sites we have stopped and by 4pm was all but full, 15 or so campers of all shapes and sizes.  Big Horse Creek runs into the Victoria River, quite picturesque with cool breezes off the water.

20160818_172308 (800x450)20160818_172319 (800x450)20160818_172610 (450x800)

Next morning was very overcast and humid, we refuelled at Victoria River roadhouse, then started looking for our next campsite.  There was an option of three East Baines which was way too small, Matheson which was also quite small and with very little shade.  We just hoped that our third option Limestone would be OK?

A wallaroo decided to play chicken between us and another vehicle travelling on the opposite direction.  He won thank goodness; hope he doesn’t play this game often.  The drive through the Gregory National Park is pure Australian outback.  Ranges with ridges of vermilion coloured rock that look like they have been purposely laid horizontally along the side of the range.  The Victoria River cutting its way along the base of the range and the highway on following the curves of both.

Limestone is a much larger free campsite, no phone or internet (think we’ll have this issue all the way down to AdelaideL), but toilets, dump point and shady trees.  We found a good spot for us, set-up and settled in for a 2 night stay.  I must say I am struggling with this no internet!  How sad, I’m resorting to cleaning out cupboards to keep myself occupiedJJJ.  The weather is too hot and sultry to embroider or knit.  Locals we have spoken with are convinced these uncharacteristically hot days mean the wet will arrive early…

Arriving in Katherine just after 10am; was too early to check-in at the caravan park so we decided to food shop to fill in some time.  The Riverview Caravan Park is very shady, with brick paved slabs, and a very nice swimming pool.  Wonderful location, very helpful staff and walking distance to the Hot springs.  Highly recommended!  We set-up and settled in for the remainder of the day recharging devices, washing, catching up with emails etc.


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