17th – 23rd October 2016: Maitland – Ceduna

Just avoided a disaster leaving the Marion Bay Caravan Park, while busy keeping an eye on a shelter support pole we nearly took out the overhanging eaves of the same shelter:(.  Fortunately, stopped in time and no damage done. Phew!!

Our ‘showground trial’ is working well; most provide power, water, toilets and showers and the usual cost seems to be $15 per night.  Almost like free camping but with power and water and we’re not packed in like sardines (as per some caravan parks).

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10th – 16th October 2016: Adelaide – Marion Bay

Our additional few days in Adelaide were wonderful.  We visited Ikea for afternoon tea and then wandered through this amazing outlet.

Rode the OBAHN from Adelaide to Tea Tree Plaza and return.  The OBAHN consists of a bus which also has trolley wheels attached.  The vehicle can travel over the road and freeway system but when the trolley wheels are engaged is able to traverse the tram like tracks through park land running alongside the Torrens River.  This is exactly what Perth needs; no overhead powerlines and a vehicle which has dual options for roads or tram like tracks.  Fantastic innovation!


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3rd – 9th October 2016: Kapunda – Adelaide

The morning we left Kapunda the heavens opened!  Knowing the forecast we rolled the awning and cleaned up outside the day before.  We hooked up the van in pouring rain, said goodbye to Kapunda and headed into Adelaide via Gawler, Playford, Elizabeth and Salisbury.  By the time we reached Brownhill Caravan Park the rain had passed but the temperature was still quite low.

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26th September to 2nd October 2016: Flinders Ranges – Kapunda

This morning we packed a picnic basket, thermos and water and then headed out for the day.  First stop being Stokes Hill Lookout which provided for a glorious view of the surrounding green hilly pastures dotted with grazing sheep and wildflowers.  Further away, the Flinders Ranges on one side and the Wilpena Pound walls on the other.  What a glorious start to our day!

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