10th – 16th October 2016: Adelaide – Marion Bay

Our additional few days in Adelaide were wonderful.  We visited Ikea for afternoon tea and then wandered through this amazing outlet.

Rode the OBAHN from Adelaide to Tea Tree Plaza and return.  The OBAHN consists of a bus which also has trolley wheels attached.  The vehicle can travel over the road and freeway system but when the trolley wheels are engaged is able to traverse the tram like tracks through park land running alongside the Torrens River.  This is exactly what Perth needs; no overhead powerlines and a vehicle which has dual options for roads or tram like tracks.  Fantastic innovation!


We enjoyed a delicious farewell lunch at the Torrens Arms with Fay and Ray before heading back to Brownhill Caravan Park to pack up in preparation to leave the following morning.

Our first stop on the Yorke Peninsula was Androssen for lunch.  What a beautiful spot, glorious views although chilly and overcast.


Port Julia Campground was our next overnight stop and once again another pretty seaside town.  We walked to the beach and along the coastal path.  Chatted to the fisherman on the old jetty while watching a seal at play on the outer reef.


The following day we drove the coast road (dirt) in to Port Vincent, stunning views across the gulf to Adelaide and some magnificent homes in this beautiful rural setting, as well.  Port Vincent is very much a holiday town with some shops, a few cafes and a caravan park right on the point and very exposed to the weather.  The marina subdivision is about half filled with expensive homes most with expansive views of the gulf and some magnificent motor boats and yachts.


On our way to Marion Bay we visited Stansbury and noticed a number of oyster farms just off the coast.  Next was Cobowie with the Port Giles grain terminal right next door and I imagine one of the main sources of employment.  The other being the oyster farms, which seem to be all the way down the coast from Stansbury.’

We drove through Edithburgh, which is a much larger coastal town, on our way to Yorketown where we stopped for some shopping.  Then on through Warooka, another reasonably sized town, into the Innes National Park and Marion Bay.  Marion Bay is very much a coastal holiday town, there is a general store, tavern with bottle shop and very nice restaurant.  Winter has definitely caught up with us; yesterday was very windy and overcast.  The washing dried very quickly!  It rained all night and today is windy, and overcast with intermittent showers.

The Innes National Park covers about half of the ‘toe’ of the Yorke Peninsula.  The terrain is rugged scrubby bush close to the coast, with larger trees in the areas protected from the coastal storms and very large salt lakes which right now are full of water.  The coastline is dotted with white sandy beaches in between the rugged cliffs and islands.  Although the weather was wild, wet and windy we visited Stenhouse Bay, Cable Bay which includes Chainman’s Hat Island and the Cape Spencer Lighthouse on the farthest point.



Around the lighthouse was quite a few emus, both couples and families; the chicks were very cute.  Wasn’t quick enough to take any photos:).  The Inneston Historic Village Town Site is a tourist attraction however people still live in some of the homes and their privacy needs to be respected.  Ethel Beach, the site of two ship wrecks, still has the spine of one ship and only bits and pieces of the second.  The cliffs and surrounding reef is very dangerous, with the weather so inhospitable we didn’t venture down to the beach.


Then from the West Cape Lighthouse lookout we could view Pondalowie Bay with its three islands, (North Island, Middle Island and South Island) providing a safe harbour for the crayfishermen as well a sandy beach suitable for fishing and swimming.


We’ve probably covered about half of the Yorke Peninsula so far and it is certainly worth a visit.  We’ll be back, hopefully next time the weather will be much better.



2 thoughts on “10th – 16th October 2016: Adelaide – Marion Bay

  1. Great post, Yorke Peninsula is one of my favourite destinations. We stayed in Inneston in the national park once, it was surreal…. like an abandoned ghost town. I think I’ll write a post about that soon.

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