26th February – 3rd March 2017: Haslam to Farm Beach

Leaving Ceduna we were surrounded by harvested paddocks dotted with grazing sheep as well as flocks of tiny birds rising and falling with the wind. We drove through Smokey Bay our quest for fresh oysters foiled again; none were available in the town:(.


From Smokey Bay it was a short drive to Haslam, just an hour and a half of road time including our detour into Smokey Bay.  Being two of the first to arrive for the day, we parked both vans under some shady trees, set-up then walked to the beach and out along the jetty.  Aaahhh Haslam, so peaceful and quiet another hidden gem rest area.  Over the two days, Derick and Ross tried a spot of fishing; Derick caught nothing, Ross caught a very small herring which he returned to the ocean as well as a trumpeter which was used for bait.


Next stop Streaky Bay for 2 nights; to catch-up with our domestics.  Checked out the Eyre Craft Gallery which is well worth a visit as is their Op Shop if in need of some wine glasses, pate knives or the like.  Found a wool shop to top up my supplies, oh yeah and a Foodland for the larder.


Day 2 we drove the Cape Bauer Loop,


came home for lunch then during the afternoon drove the Westall Way Loop. Stunning coastline of cliffs and bays, very windy this time of year but well worth the visit.


Today we have driven from Streaky Bay to a donation camp site named Farm Beach, a distance of 260 kilometres, and which is about 50 kilometres west of Port Lincoln.  The drive took us past bare paddocks dotted with grazing sheep, Port Kenny where the seaweed pong was disgusting and large salt pans both dry and with water.

We stopped in Elliston to flush and fill as well as a bit of a look around.  Nice spot, very quiet and once again very windy.  Another quick stop into Locks Well which is really a small carpark, no toilets but magnificent ocean views.

Farm Beach will be our camp for the next two nights, with access via 10 kilometres of limestone road.  The site itself is setup as a caravan park without the power and water.  Site selection is first in best dressed; we were very fortunate to snaffle the last 2 shady sites.  Within 10 minutes of parking up another 5 vans arrived, there is an estimated 25-30 campers in the park at the moment, when full I would estimate 50-60 in total.


Just a short walk over a small sand hill is the beach, dotted with boat trailers, sand hills to the south, sandstone cliffs to the north and stunning blue water.


Just four kilometres north of Farm Beach was the location for the making of the movie, Gallipoli!


Beautiful spot would love to make a return visit sometime in the future.


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